Bible Study, Call of Prayer, Family Devotion, To the Tamil Christian community

God thought one was worth everything He loved.

In a day and age when success is often measured by how much and how many, it’s easy for all of us to grab a yardstick and measure the accomplishments in our own lives.

In a few months after my was on the internet, someone asked me, how many emails do you receive each day? I said at least one person thanked me everyday for my devotional. After I said, at least one,” my friend who asked this question was silent. Then my friend asked, “You mean you go to all this work every day, of writing and reading, just for one person? That seems like a waste of time.” And for a second I, too, began to wonder, “Is all this work worth for just one?” But the immediate answer to this question was “God thought one was worth everything He loved.

Thank you every one from all the 24 countries who read my devotion everyday! God bless each one of you! I pray for you all!
Prema Sunder Raj

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