Call of Prayer


On this Easter morning as we celebrate the fact that Jesus arose from the dead…breaking forever the chains of death, I want to take you back to the time and place in history when Jesus walked the earth.

As He gathered a faithful group of followers to His side, none proved more loyal than His own mother, His aunt Salome and a group of women. We certainly know they followed Jesus right up Golgotha’s rocky path and were at the cross, weeping for the Man they loved and served. So it is no wonder that they were most likely the last to leave His’ tomb on Friday night.

But there’s no question at all that they were the first to arrive before sun up on Sunday morning at the tomb where Jesus was buried.

Here’s where the Biblical record is so very inspiring. You see, these women had stayed late enough on Friday to see a huge stone rolled in front of the opening of the tomb.

That was the problem…the difficulty…the challenge they knew about. Who will roll away the stone for us??? What they didn’t know was that a group of guards had also been stationed in front of the sepulcher.

However, God knew! And praise His name, God also knows what burden upon burden has been piled upon you, too. He knows about the challenges that keep you awake at night tossing and turning. But He also knows about challenges that you cannot even conceive will happen to you – and He’s already at work putting plans into action that will solve every difficulty you could face.

Our Father had made ample provision. The angel had already received his commission, and at the appointed time he rolled the stone away!

On this Resurrection morning, are you worrying about that great stone in your path…the Corona Pandemic…..the barrier that seems to be impeding your life right now? The financial crisis? Losing jobs? Worried about children living in far away countries? I want to remind you that our Father will not leave us to face the impossible task of rolling away the stone by ourselves.

Help is on the way and at just the right moment…you’ll find the stone has been rolled away. The tomb is empty! Praise God!


Prema Sunder Raj




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