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Love for my entire life!

I was reading the book of Jonah this evening -the story of a man and a big fish.

I think it is more than a ‘fish tale’. We all remember God asked Jonah to go to Ninevah to call the people to repentance but he ran away in the opposite direction. After a brief stay in the belly of a fish, Jonah did as God asked and went to Ninevah. Guess what? The people repented. God was happy , but Jonah was furious. In Jonah 4:1, the Bible says ‘But it displeased Jonah exceedingly and he was very angry.’

I can’t imagine a person being unhappy because some wicked people changed course in their life! But Jonah was mad. I guess he wanted to see God use His power and destroy them not restore them.

Let me ask a question, isn’t it consistent with God’s character to bring restoration to the lives of His prodigal children? This is why God so generously sent His Son to earth. It was a real-life example to you and me of what is natural about the character of God. He is love the Bible tells us in John 3: 16.

So good old grumpy Jonah shouldn’t have been unhappy that God saved the wicked people of Ninevah. It was consistent with God’s character and His Word. Yes! He consistently loves us, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Oh I am so thankful this evening that I can count on His love – every minute of everyday for my entire life.

Prema Sunder Raj

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