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The Rock of Ages!

Nearly 37 years ago, I took a tour with my friends to a little mountain town near us, at sunset the five of us on the trip enjoyed an evening meal under the shelter of a large rock.

Just as we laid out our lunch, a very large cloudburst brought an abundance of rain. But we were sheltered from the downpour because we were in a cave like setting, rock underneath us, and covering us. We felt completely safe and sheltered in the cleft of the rock.

I have never forgotten this event for it is the closest I have come to understanding the way David, described the protection and refuge he felt in God who he called his Rock and Fortress. A covering and protection from storms. . And the place of security when everything else fails.

During all these years of my walk with the Lord, at times when I felt like I might slip and fall, and at times when I have fallen on my face in despair and pain – It was a blessing to know that GOD IS MY ROCK.

He is the solid place that is the foundation under us, the shelter surrounding us and the protective roof over our heads. “So trust in the Lord forever; for the Lord God is an everlasting Rock, the Rock of Ages” (Isaiah 26: 4).

Prema Sunder Raj

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