Call of Prayer


We have the privilege of visiting Valparai, a very beautiful hill station quite often. People who have never been to this breath taking mountains will inevitably ask us about the place. And of course, we try to portray the beauty of the mountain. But finally, we end up saying, you have to SEE it for yourself. You have to go there and ‘feel the beauty’ yourself.

When I read this text , And the Lord said to Joshua, ‘Fear not nor be dismayed…arise, go up to Ai; See I have given into your hand the King of Ai, his people, his city, and his land.” ( Joshua 8:1)

I thought this is exactly what God said to Joshua!
Just a minute!!! Look at it carefully!!!

Neither past tense nor future tense used here!

God wanted Joshua to know that right now, this very day, he would see God at work. And not only that, it wouldn’t be someone else seeing something and then describing it to Joshua. But he would see God’s faithfulness and God’s leading for himself with his very own eyes! God says, See I have given you victory!

In a time when our future is in turmoil and upheaval, when you and I have no way of knowing what the next day holds for us, God’s words ring in our hearts as though they were spoken right now to us saying that ‘God is at work here’!

Are you uncertain about your tomorrow? Disturbed? Afraid of the storm around you? Losing hope?

Come read this promise again and walk through the door of hope, into a place where you can, in God’s strength SEE for yourself, that the Lord is at work on your behalf and the victory is yours today!


Prema Sunder Raj


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