Call of Prayer

On this Sunday evening while walking in the garden I found a pebble which looked round and beautiful. Immediately I reached to take it in my hand. But I was shocked to see the stone that looked so beautiful from outside was just hollow.

When I held it in my hand I thought how many times I have been so hollow in my spiritual life while I looked so full and beautiful outside!

I know I am not alone. In fact, one of the most fascinating people in the Bible, David, had a very similar experience in his life.
In Psalm 22. David says, My God, why have you forsaken me…why are you so far from me? I cry and you don’t listen. And then, as if had this hollow feeling he says, “But, Thou art holy! And I am a worm.

Out of my experience let me tell you God doesn’t want us to feel like worms. He doesn’t want us to act like worms. He doesn’t want us to grovel on the ground before Him. Instead He invites you and me to come up to where He is. He calls me into a world of His Holiness.
Perhaps you feel frightened when you hear the word holiness. Possibly you have felt God’s holiness is something you could never reach.

This is why, in the Lord’s Prayer, our Father reminds us that when we begin to pray we are called to come up, not to be dragged down. We are to look up to Heaven, not down to earth.
Do you feel hollow? empty? unfilled? Do you think the word holiness is not meant for you? Then look up to Our Father who art in heaven.

When we behold God’s holiness, when we respect Him we will be changed like Him!

Prema Sunder Raj

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