Call of Prayer

Awesome God!

Today early morning unable to sleep at 3 a.m, I looked outside through my balcony. The world was quiet, other than the loud whistle of the wind all was still. The moon cast only a very small ray of light, and the stars seemed to pop out of the sky, chasing away the clouds. And the sky was covered with thousands and thousands of these twinkling wonders.

I can’t explain how I felt at that moment! To think that in the vastness of this universe, God cares for me, individually and personally is one of those miracles that as a human I find difficult to put into words.

I think this is why Jesus, not only wanted to remind us of the personal nature of our relationship with God but He also wanted us to remember where our Father resides and also what He rules over.

As we repeat the prayer Jesus taught us, Our Father, who art in heaven, have we ever felt that God is too far away to be actively involved in every event, every detail, every problem, and every need in our daily life?

Believe me, I have wondered some

But the Lord’s Prayer doesn’t remind us of a distant God, instead it reminds us of a capable God! Jesus wanted us to understand the unlimited resources we, as God’s children have at our disposal. When we call on Our Father who is in heaven, we are connecting with the One who has the entire universe under His loving control.

If you feel small, insignificant, and incapable look to your Father in heaven and realize if He can operate the universe, He certainly can help you balance your life!

As I write this on this Sunday evening, I find a whole new meaning to the words, Our Father who art in heaven as I realize how tiny I am, and how great God is ,and yet He invites me to put myself into His unlimited capableness!

Isn’t that amazing!

Prema Sunder Raj

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