Call of Prayer

Most valuable in His sight!

On this Sunday , after a week of terrible rain storm here in Valparai, everywhere I could hear just a drip, drip, drip noise and the sound of flowing waters. When the Sun brought some ray of hope we took a brisk walk and breathed into the purest air around us.

While I was driving to the nearby Church where I was invited to speak, I saw an old woman carrying a few (wet) firewood collected from the forest on her head. What surprised me was that she had a worn out Bible held closely to her heart with one hand, which made me realise that she was a Christian. She must have laid the firewood somewhere near the church and got in for worship.

When I got back home, unable to erase the old woman’s figure from my mind I opened the Bible to read about the widow woman who was poverty stricken and came to the temple to bring a gift of two pennies.

So often, as we hear this story, we focus on the ‘gift giving’ lesson rather than the value and worth of each person which I believe to be the biggest lesson of this story. How much God values us … how much He thinks we are worth … and how much He loves us are the truths we should take away from Jesus’ reflection on this woman and her gift.

She faced poverty, she was a female, she was old, and she was a widow!

One might think that with all this going against her it was no wonder people around the widow, watching her put a meager gift into the treasury, would come to the conclusion that not only was her offering worthless but that her life did not hold any great meaning or worth either.

As Jesus watched a poor widow share her meager existence, He looked at those in the temple and made this pronouncement, ‘She is the most valuable! She is worth the most! there is only one person like her!

And guess what! Jesus feels exactly the same way about me and you too! God loves each one of us as if there was only one of us to love! Amazing Love!

Jesus longs for us to understand and recognise the tremendous worth He places on each one of us, and also in turn He asks us to treat each individual we meet with the same Christ like value He does value us!

Prema Sunder Raj

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