Call of Prayer


On this Sunday evening after a heavy rain fall here, dark mist covered the mountains.
As I stepped out on the pathway that leads to our front gate, from under our coffee bush I saw something slither quickly across in front of me.

Fortunately, what I saw was not a snake but just a long worm. But it was a good reminder that during these dark, gloomy and misty days especially after a rain such as we had today , it is very wise to WATCH where you place your steps.

Our daily lives need a warning, too, and this is exactly what the Bible gives us in II Samuel 11: 2, which says that David ‘ saw ‘ or David looked upon and viewed a woman.

With time off to relax, while walking on his roof top, he had some free time to direct his steps and his eyes to anything and everything that came within the reach of vision, and when he saw a beautiful woman he decided to direct his attention on her.

When I study about David, I find that he was God’s chosen, he was God’s child, he had a heart that yearned for his heavenly Father, he repeatedly showed himself to be merciful, even compassionate, and he was also a man of strength. Wow! This is what most of us want to be in our lives.

But we find that David could also be a H U G E failure! All I can think now is, can’t we all? Yes! Some of us can fail everyday!

I am very sure, many a time David must have regretted that in a moment with a wandering eye, the direction of his vision and walk pointed him downward rather than upward.

This evening I looked unto the Lord with a longing for my life to be directed by Him and the focus of my eyes and my steps to be on my Father’s will and way.

Be careful! Watch your steps!
As Paul said, ‘And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ’.
(II Thes. 3: 5)

Prema Sunder Raj

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