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Pressed under burdens?

Ouch, this morning! was the feeling that came upon me when I woke up this Sunday morning and I felt as though I was pressed under a heavy weight and felt it in the muscles of back and neck.

Recently had a road trip to Valparai. As we climbed the mountain, my eyes caught the lovely plants, or some wild flowers peeking out from under the big rocks. It is as if the plant is shouting, ‘big rock, you cannot weight me down, you cannot destroy me.

The effect of burdens in our lives is like the weight caused by heavy rocks on plants.

But as I witnessed that from under the heavy burden, new life sprang up and blossomed, I looked back at my own life and realized that the life’s burdens brought about over the years, by strong rocks of embarrassment, unworthiness, and disgrace have neither crushed me down nor destroyed because the Lord who promised me the following has truly dealt wondrously with me! Hallelujah!

And I will restore for you the years that the locust has eaten … and you shall be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord, your God, Who has dealt wondrously with you. ( Joel 2:25)

Prema Sunder Raj


Our Restorer!

On this Sunday evening I was reading from Psalm 51:12 where David after his fall says ‘Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation’.

Fall????? My God David did fall big! Whenever I review David’s life, I always wonder what made him a leader after such a disastrous fall! He had multiple wives, rebellious children, and then added to that was his own sin of adultery and murder.

What a winning record! But while in man’s eyes David looks unfit for leadership, in God’s eyes David’s messed up life had potential. How? Because God looks at you and me through His restorative eyes. Our heavenly Father sees you and me not as we are but as we can be. And in this Psalm David told God he longed for Him to ‘restore the joy of salvation’.

I continued to study to understand why David used the word restore in Psalm 51. And of course the Hebrew definition gave the answer. It means “turn back” and carries with it the idea of returning to the starting point.

David asked God in Psalm 51, to turn the clock back to a time when his heart was pure and steadfast before God. He looked at God and said, I want things like they used to be between us. I want the young David back Lord, the David you chose and anointed.

How lovely were those days in David’s life when his focus was directed to his Heavenly Father whom He loved.
He looked back to that time when he did not have a divided heart and he was so faithful to God.

Now after his disastrous affair with Bathsheba, he was reminded of those lovely days when his walk with God was on the right track. Oh how he longed to be restored into the relationship he once enjoyed.

I can imagine David as he wrote the Psalms, thinking back on the days when he cared for his father’s sheep on the hills. Out there under the blue sky with a soft breeze passing through the leaves of the trees, he began to sing as he played on his harp,

The Lord is my Shepherd 🎼 He restoreth my soul!

Praise God! When David came to his Heavenly Father asking for “restoration” He not only accepted his request also restored him back to his fellowship with Him! This is what God, our restorer promises to do for us today!

Prema Sunder Reaj