Give me a listening heart oh God!

On this Sunday evening, just returned from the Covenant Service at our Church.

While sitting in the church I was praying for God’s direction in this new year. My mind wandered to the days when I used to make plans and decisions in the beginning of a new year.

While growing up I was a shy, quiet, reserved young girl. I was a book-learning girl who constantly was reading and studying. Of course all the studying certainly paid off and I definitely had good grades in my education.

But the more I studied books, the more I came to rely on my mental thought process. Everything had to be planned, down to the smallest detail, and I thought I was clever in detailed decision making.

But as the time passed by, I hit a speed bump which completely turned my world upside down, and after living with the consequences of a number of bad decisions, I began to look at God’s direction in my life.

King Solomon says in 1 Kings 3: 9,
‘Here’s what I want: Give me a God listening heart so I can lead your people well’.

The ‘heart’ in the Biblical sense is not just our inward life, but the whole being surrendered to God. Solomon longed for a heart that could listen to God and follow His direction!

If we look closer at the very wise decisions Solomon made, the root of his good decisions was that his mind and heart were under God’s control.

Thou rulest the raging of the sea; when the waves thereof arise, Thou stillest them. (Psalm 89: 9)

Do I have a listening heart this evening? A heart that listens to His still small voice through the perils of life?

Do I have a listening heart this evening? A heart that listens to His still small voice saying ‘Fear Not’ when my voyage over life’s sea trembles, when the storm of suffering roar by?

As I meditated on Solomon’s request for a listening heart this evening, my prayer and longing is to have my heart focused on the One who speaks to me with His Word and to follow His directions!

God give me a listening heart!

Prema Sunder Raj

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