On this Sunday morning,as I closed my eyes to pray, I remembered a statement my daughter made at a friend’s house where we had lunch yesterday. She was telling her friend that Daddy always prays loud but Mummy is quiet when she prays! So true! Both of us are so different in our way to communicate with God.

In the Psalms we read that David had some very direct conversations with God.
He had lots of guts to say , Search me O God, look in me, and see if there is any evil in me. I don’t think I can ever say that to God like David said. What if God said, Yes yes Prema I see in the corner of your heart you are holding a grudge that needs to go – what will I do?

But this is what is so beautiful about the way Moses, David and Job and the prophets Jeremiah and Isaiah and other people in the Bible talked with God. They were open and honest.They did not hold back anything from God. They talked to God like He was someone they could share everything!

Above all each of them had unique technique to themselves in the way they communicated with God!

Some times we are too concerned about using right techniques in prayer. If you ever think God won’t pay attention to us unless we talk to Him with right technique, remember that Job argued with God, Moses challenged God, Abraham begged, Paul pleaded, and David cried. Whether you rejoice, beg, cry, scream, praise, call, or even show your depression through anger – He is listening, He doesn’t turn a deaf ear to any voice that calls to Him.

All He asks us to do is CALL. No magic formula, No special technique, No special words. Just look up to Heaven and call out any way that you know, or just say, Father t’s me. I called to tell you I love You! I called because I need you…. This is what calling your Heavenly Father is all about!

Try talking to Him today! It can be a quiet whisper from your heart or a loud cry! HE IS LISTENING!

I’ll call to the Lord…and find myself safe and saved. (Psalm 18: 3)

God bless!

Prema Sunder Raj

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