Call of Prayer

My God! How Great Thou Art!

This evening I thought of the days when my mother taught me, if I tell a lie God will burn my lips, if I steal He will burn my hands. I always thought of God as someone standing with a coal of fire to punish me for all my wrong doings.Though her intention was not to scare me but to keep me from wrong doings, I was scared of God.

Often from our finite view, we attempt to define God by putting Him in a box of our own creation.

While our limited understanding will never give us the knowledge to comprehend God’s vastness, I find it extremely comforting to know that a God so big who can rule the universe is yet small enough to dwell within my heart.

It is so amazing to know that while we are half heartedly searching for God, He is whole heartedly searching for us. And He is not who I thought or was taught He is.

My understanding of Him today is, He is my lover and He is passionate.
He is pursuer, a tireless seeker of my soul.
He is my creator and delighted in me no matter how I look in others’ eyes.
He is my teacher, eager to share knowledge and wisdom when I sit at His feet.
He is light, exposing, revealing, searching out everything I would hide.
He is spirit, wind, and fire – uncontainable!
AND Yes! He knows me, recognizes and claims me as His child, from my mother’s womb.

Is my God great enough for me? Yes, He is all I need today and always!

For consider how great things God hath done for you. (I Sam 12: 24)


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