Archive | July 31, 2016

Seeds of Praise

On this Sunday evening I was reading the Psalm of David where he says
I will praise thee forever, because thou hast done it: and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints. ( Psa 52: 9).

When I read it my mind reflected on the other two heroes of the Bible who joyfully sang songs of praise in the most difficult situation -Paul and Silas. These two men of God were on God’s mission to the city of Philippi. A demon possessed young girl harassed them. Paul delivered her from the evil spirit. However, her owners were not happy and they dragged them before the authorities in the marketplace where trials were held (Acts 16).

After having false charges brought against them, the crowd ripped their clothes off and beat them with rod. This was not all. They were thrown in a prison cell. Oh God! If I were there I would have cried out, I am here doing work for you and look what has happened! Have you forgotten me?

But these two were praying and singing praise to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them! Then came their deliverance in the form of a great earthquake! And a revival meeting took place where the jailor accepted Jesus. Wonder if they ever imagined as they were being beaten up and tossed in prison that by midnight they would be free! Paul and Silas trusted that God was at work!

Troubled? Worried? Disappointed with whats going on around you?

Praising God in the midst of our dark circumstances can lift our spirit to have a grateful heart! It can make us feel better, happier, and positive. Praise on our lips can cheer up others around us! Something changed everyone in that jail because these two men chose to praise God in the middle of great trouble!

We have a patch of Daisies in our garden. We planted a few saplings last year but now it scatters its seeds fills the space with orange flowers! Oh how beautiful our lives can be today if the seeds of praise are scattered across the landscape of our lives and bloom into a beautiful garden!

Prema Sunder Raj